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"Helpful Pieces of Information"

Summer 2018

There were problems during the summer in colonial times, too.

For being Poisoned with the Poison Vine

. . .She then Bathed him with Hony & Laid on Cabage Leaves which quickly Cured him you must warm the Leaves to soften them by the fire . . . which quikly Drawed out the Poison & Cured it: . . . "Receipt Book of Elizabeth Coates (Mrs. Joseph) Paschall 1702- ca. 1783 (Unpublished manuscript in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, PA), p. 18.

To Kill Crab Lice

Rub your Selves well with Soft Sope on all their Harbouring Places & Keep a Linning Cloath on to keep it from your Cloaths. . . & I Believe that Rubbing your Selves well with Soft Sope all over your Leggs or Limbs will Kill those Little tormenting Seed ticks that you Gett by walking in the woods. Ibid., p. 12.

Tanned skin was not desirable then.

A Water to clear a Tanned Skin.

Take two quarts of spring water, and soak in it two handfuls of unripe grapes, and sprinkle them with a handful of salt, mixed with allum; press them together, and then tie them up in stiff paper, and roast them in hot ashes, after which squeeze out the juices, and wash the face with a little of it in the morning. The New London Toilet: . . . (London: Printed for Richardson and Urquhart. . . 1778, p. 76. Note: This book is now available in facsimile; contact The Colonial Printer & Bookbindery.